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2020 Management Meeting & Arrow McLaren SP Tour

2020 Management Meeting & Arrow McLaren SP Tour

Recently, our Truck Service management team gathered in Indianapolis for three days of meetings and activities. We covered 2019 accomplishments, 2020 goals and challenges, and discussed employee experience, safety, customer experience, products and services, and operational processes.

Our team also had the opportunity to tour the facilities of our partner and premier NTT IndyCar Series team, Arrow McLaren SP.

We learned about Arrow McLaren SP’s strategies and operational processes that drive their success. Values of team, commitment, fun and a focus on people drive both Arrow McLaren SP and Truck Service.

Photo: Arrow McLaren SP Facility

Pictured (left-to-right): Ed Adair, Dennis Meyer, Ed Woods, Brad Wilson, Don Davis, Donna Baker, Eric Branock, Jim Scott, Matt Lewis, Tom Myers, Ed Dailey, and Rick Meyer