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Alignment Training with Hunter Engineering!

Alignment Training with Hunter Engineering!

In late January, Truck Service partnered with Hunter Engineering to conduct a Hunter Alignment Training Workshop at our Cleveland Spring location.

Team members participated in a two-day, class room/hands-on event. A pretest was given at the beginning of the training and a final test at the end of the training. We are happy to say that everyone passed!

During the hands-on portion of the training, 6 different trucks were used to illustrate various conditions we face day-to-day. All in attendance gave great feedback on the effectiveness of the course.

Team members in attendance were:

  • Steven Pajcic (EAB Tech)
  • Joe Zmecek (EAB Tech)
  • Jose Rivera (EAB Tech)
  • Walter Averez (EAB Tech)
  • Allen Bowles (Cleveland Spring Tech)
  • Steve Anderson (Warner Spring Tech)
  • Steven Johnson (Noblesville Tech)
  • Tom Myers (Noblesville Service Advisor)
  • Wesley Redding (EAB Service Advisor)
  • David Bowden (Cleveland Spring Service Advisor)
  • Don Davis (VP – Operations TSI HQ)

Hunter Engineering is the world leader in alignment technology with over 350 patented inventions from the largest wheel service product development staff in the world. Hunter’s award-winning team of more than 75 engineers and support staff is unequaled in the industry.

Special thanks to the Dave Fox, Hunter Engineering Instructor.

Click for more information on the Hunter Engineering Company.