Truck Service - AlignmentAlignments are an essential component to the maintenance and care of your vehicle. A vehicle out of alignment will experience:

  • Premature tire wear,
  • Poor handling,
  • Decreased steering wheel return,
  • Reduced fuel economy, and
  • Driver fatigue.

It can also indicate a more severe, underlying issue such as worn or broken steering or suspension system components.

At Truck Service, our ASE Certified Technicians perform comprehensive alignments including adjustments to toe, caster, camber, and rear thrust angle as needed. We utilize state-of-the-art, computer based, wheel alignment systems manufactured by Hunter Engineering Company – one of the industry’s innovative visionaries that create and implement the newest technologies.

We provide you with "before and after" readings of your vehicle’s alignment specifications. More importantly, we perform a thorough TEN STEP INSPECTION BEFORE beginning the alignment process in order to accurately assess your needs and provide the best solution.

What we do before aligning your vehicle – 10 Step Inspection:

  1. Ask what problems you are experiencing with your vehicle.
  2. Protect your vehicle by covering up the seats and floor.
  3. Perform a pre-trip inspection (CDL Pre-Trip).
  4. Conduct a road test to check for noise, pull and/or vibration.
  5. Check tire air pressure, wear patterns, tread depth and wheel lug and rim condition. Check for matching steer tires.
  6. Inspect all front steering components, including king-pins, ball joints, shackle pins, bushings, shock absorbers, tie rod ends, drag link, steering gearbox, shaft and u-joint.
  7. Inspect for loose or missing bolts, cracks or other damaged or worn conditions.
  8. Inspect front and rear suspension including springs, hangers, torque arms, and drive-line components.
  9. Mount wheel sensors, check readings, and check all angles of wheel geometry and vehicle ride height.
  10. Discuss vehicle condition and inspection results BEFORE proceeding.

Toe, Camber and Caster Settings

Click below to read our Wheel Alignment Education Guide for Heavy-Duty Trucks (PDF Format).

Truck Service - Alignment


Truck Service - Alignments Flyer Alignments Flyer
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