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Happy Anniversary, Dwayne!

Happy Anniversary, Dwayne!

On April 9, the Truck Service family celebrated Dwayne Pass’ 40th anniversary. Dwayne can boast that he is currently the longest tenured employee in the company. He has spent the majority of his time at our Cleveland Spring location (39 years) until he recently accepted a transfer to EAB Truck Service in Valley View, OH in March of this year.

Dwayne’s life-long profession has been as a heavy-duty suspension mechanic. He has held a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) since 1992. Dwayne is a positive influence, and he is an ideal role model for our other team members.

He recently received the President’s Spot Bonus Award for his great attitude and seamless transition from the Cleveland Spring location to the EAB Truck Service facility.

Dwayne has two sons (Dwayne Jr. and Derrell) and one granddaughter (age 4). When not at work he enjoys bowling and spending time with his family. Fortunately for us, he has no immediate plans for retirement!

We wish Dwayne the very best, and we look forward to working with him for many more years to come.