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Our Man From The North Pole

Our Man From The North Pole

11 months of the year he’s Danny Worley, General Manager of the Cleveland Spring location of Truck Service, Inc.  But in December his second indentity is impossible to conceal.  

  • Red suit,? Check.  
  • Black boots?  Check.  
  • Wide belt? Check. 
  • Long, white beard? Double-check; it’s real folks!

That’s Danny pictured above as on-the-job manager and also as Santa Claus.  In the group photo he is surrounded by wife Elaine and daughers Rebecca and Lisa.  Not pictured is daughter Crystal.  Each year Danny and Elaine portray Santa and Mrs, Claus at a local nursing home where all 3 daughters are employed!  This is just one of the many appearances “Our” Santa makes each Christmas season.  Thank you Danny for spreading Christmas cheer to so many others!!