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President’s 2017 Spot Bonus Award Program

President’s 2017 Spot Bonus Award Program

Truck Service has announced a new spot bonus award program effective January 1, 2017 which provides a cash bonus of $150.00 to the winner.

The rules are very simple:

  • All employees are eligible
  • The employee must be nominated in writing by a General Manager or Headquarters Management.
  • The winner will be decided by Dennis Meyer approximately the first week of each quarter.
  • Award criteria for nomination will include performance “above and beyond” what is expected or required. This can include special projects, extraordinary customer service, or overall work performance.

And the first winner from Indianapolis Spring is…………Larry Abney!

Truck Service - Larry Abney

General Manager Ed Dailey nominated Larry – the reasons for the nomination were too numerous to list but the underlying factor is the consistent attitude to go “above and beyond” to take care of the customer and for consistently being the “go-to guy” for knowledge of virtually anything at Indianapolis Spring.

There were several other employees nominated as well – all very deserving, however; Larry is our first winner. Congratulations!