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We’re Always Learning at Truck Service!

We’re Always Learning at Truck Service!

We believe in training at Truck Service. On March 23, we hosted a clinic and a demonstration for both employees and customers at our Columbus location.

Our Suspension Systems Clinic was hosted by Mike Wass of Dayton Auto Parts (above). The suspension clinic explained industry practices for inspection, diagnostics and repair of vehicle suspension systems. Dayton is an industry leader in manufacture and distribution of suspension parts.

Our second demonstration on Axle Boring and Sleeving was given by Jordan Moffitt of our Indianapolis Spring location (below).

The Axle Bore and Sleeve Demonstration allowed customers to view our service and how it works. This service can be performed at any one of our locations or onsite as required.

At Truck Service the more we know, the better we can help our customers and that’s the key to our success!