Do I need an appointment to bring my truck to you?

No, you may bring your truck to us without an appointment. However, we recommend calling or visiting our website to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. This will eliminate unnecessary wait-time while your vehicle is in our shop.

When I have an appointment, am I guaranteed that my truck will be worked on at that time?

We work by appointment so your wait time is kept to a minimum. However, we cannot guarantee an exact appointment time because of unknown factors that may delay repairs on vehicles that are scheduled ahead of yours. We recommend dropping your truck off on the morning of your appointment. We will keep you advised on the repair status of your vehicle.

Why can’t you quote a fixed price over the phone for my truck alignment?

We can’t determine what adjustments your truck may need until we connect our alignment equipment to your vehicle and get the computer readout of camber, caster and toe. We charge only for the adjustments you need, therefore a fixed-price quote is not possible.

I have several trucks that I use in my business. Can I set up an open account with you and pay my bill once per month?

Yes, we offer open accounts for qualified customers and can usually have your account open the same day you request it.

If I bring my vehicle to a different Truck Service location than last time, will you have access to my repair records from the other shop?

Yes, if you have an active charge or cash account set up with us, all your records are available at any TSI location.

My truck air conditioner is blowing warm air. Can you do a simple recharge to get me back on the road right away?

When a vehicle AC system is low on refrigerant, the cause is almost always a leak in the system. Before recharging your system, we will diagnose for leaks and other component wear or damage. Any leaks or damage must be repaired before your system will retain refrigerant and provide long-term comfort for you.

My truck leaf springs are sagging. Can you re-arch them to restore my vehicle ride-height?

Re-arching old springs is a very temporary fix. Once steel has aged and fatigued to the point of losing its arch, it cannot be restored by simply re-arching it. We can repair your springs with replacement leaves and/or extra leaves. Sometimes purchasing new springs is more affordable than repairing old springs. We can help you decide which is best for you.

Do you sell parts over-the-counter?

Yes, we have a large inventory of parts and sell them as carry-out parts to our customers.

Can I pay with check and / or credit cards?

Yes, we accept personal and business checks as well as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover.

Can I reuse my U-bolts?

No. We recommend always using new U-bolts, nuts and washers whenever old ones have been loosened or removed. Over time the steel rod and threads become worn and stretched and likely will not retain the proper torque to remain tight during normal operation of the vehicle.

Do you offer DOT inspections?

Yes, all of our shops can perform the required DOT (Department of Transportation) inspections, generally the same day. Appointments are however, recommended.

Do you manufacture leaf springs?

No, we purchase our leaf springs directly from a high quality domestic manufacturer. We also have the ability to have virtually any custom spring manufactured to your specifications.

Do you offer on-site service?

We offer on-site service by appointment for air conditioning and automatic lubrication systems installation and repair. We do not offer general repair on-site service.

Do you offer towing service?

We can arrange towing service to any of our locations through one of our many reputable business partners.


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