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Team Member Profile: Robert G. Wilson

Team Member Profile: Robert G. Wilson

Bob is the lead Field Service Technician for the Indianapolis Spring location. He started his career with Truck Service over 30 years ago and is without a doubt, the “go-to” guy in many facets of our daily operations.

You’ll mostly find him diagnosing, repairing and installing air conditioning and automatic lubrication systems in the field at customer sites and facilities. He also performs these jobs in-house at our Indianapolis Spring location. He’s our lead technician when it comes to air conditioning service and repair! It’s been said that Bob can break down the molecular structure of R134A (pretty darn close). He also travels to our other locations in Indiana, Ohio and Florida for air conditioning and automatic lubrication system installations.

Bob holds a MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) Certification and works in the depths of many central Indiana coal mines maintaining the climate control systems of their heavy equipment (Yellow Iron). A tough job to say the least as he’s not only claustrophobic, but also afraid of heights – neither of which slow him down!

As if that wasn’t enough, over the years Bob has managed and assisted with many of our facility building projects and branch location openings.

Bob has been married for 26 years to his lovely wife Sandra. They have two adult children and he’s a pillar in his community. Bob may work as many hours with his church as he does at his full-time job with Indianapolis Spring.

Bob is Truck Service and Indianapolis Spring in every respect and we’re extremely fortunate to have him.