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Veterans, Thank You For Your Service!

Veterans, Thank You For Your Service!

Thank you to all those who have served in our United States Armed Forces.  Today we salute the brave men and women who have served and protected our country and freedoms.  At Truck Service we’re proud to count these veterans as part of our team and family.


Our Truck Service Inc veterans pictured from left to right, top to bottom:

Meri Harris (Truck Service Columbus) – Army Reserves, Specialist

Jeremy Frontz (Black’s Spring) – Army, Specialist, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom

Jordan Moffitt (Indianapolis Spring) – Marines, Corporal, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Rod Draper (Truck Service Noblesville) – Navy, Machinist

Jim Lee (E.A.B. Truck Service) – Army, Sargent First Class

Mike Lewis (Horton Truck Service) – Army, Sargent, Korean War

Mike Demott (Horton Truck Service) – Army, Specialist

D’Vuhntey Boggs (Cleveland Spring) – Army, Specialist, Operation Enduring Freedom

Chris Smiley (Cleveland Spring) – Army, Specialist

Chris Scopilliti (E.A.B. Truck Service) – Army, Sargent First Class, Operation Iraqi Freedom

Ed Dailey (Indianapolis Spring) – Army, Staff Sargent

Mark Kennedy (Black’s Spring) – Army, Specialist, Gulf War