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Dayton Parts Introduces New CargoMaxx HD Product

Dayton Parts Introduces New CargoMaxx HD Product

Dayton Parts, an established Truck Service partner, has introduced a new heavy-duty coil spring product line – CargoMaxx HD.

Their new heavy-duty coil springs are custom designed to provide increased load handling capability and improved ride quality. An easy upgrade for vehicles used in continuous heavy hauling conditions, CargoMaxx HD coil springs are ideal for utility vehicles, pickups, SUVs, vans, and motor homes.

This new product line is available at all Truck Service locations.

Which Design is Right for Your Vehicle?

What’s the difference between Standard vs Variable Rate Suspension Springs?

Standard Rate

Linear Rate Springs have one defined spring rate per inch of deflection throughout most of their deflection range. This design is for applications with constant load and empty ride is less of an issue. Features include:

  • Constant load
  • Added roll stability and safety

Variable Rate

Progressive Rate Springs are generally used for applications with significant load changes and have less effect on empty ride. These springs are easily identified by varied spacing between the coils. Features include:

  • Smooth transition for a comfortable empty ride
  • Added roll stability and safety when loaded

Upgrade Your Vehicle

CargoMaxx HD coil springs improve load handling capability and ride quality of loaded vehicles while reducing driver fatigue and increasing safety and efficiency.

  • Custom-designed for additional load handling capability
  • Improves handling, ride quality and cornering stability
  • A must for coil spring-equipped vehicles with diesel engines and/or snowplows
  • Excellent load handling solution for fleet vehicles
  • No maintenance required
  • Reduces driver fatigue
  • Manufactured in North America

For more information about CargoMaxx HD, contact any of our Truck Service locations.

Dayton Parts CargoMaxx HD Brochure (PDF Format)